About Us

Anchor Wash started in June of 2017. A summer project resulted in almost 100 customers served and created buzz in the Louisville & Superior community. Founders,  Zach Sattler & Gus Light, have been friends for almost 6 years and played baseball together through high school. They spent much of their time discussing dreams of running their own business, eventually landing with the mobile carwash idea that is now Anchor Wash.  With the support of their hardworking family and friends they built a team of four motivated young men that help them work towards their goal.

After the successful first summer, they closed business to focus on their college studies but the requests for washes continued throughout the year.  The following summer Gus and Zach decided to bring back Anchor Wash in an attempt to further grow the business. After another successful summer, Gus and Zach, passed the torch to Tate Sattler and Hayden Reeder in order to pursue higher education.

Tate and Hayden have been with Anchor Wash since the start, and aim to help people avoid the time and hassle that comes with getting their car washed. Throughout their years of experience with Anchor Wash, Tate and Hayden excel at providing customers with a wash experience like none other, ultimately making life a little bit easier.

The Owners

Tate Sattler- Owner

Hi! I am an 18 year old student planning to study at the University of Colorado, Boulder in the fall of 2019. Ever since my freshmen year at Monarch High School, I have had the dream of entering the world of business and offering people a service I am truly proud to put my name behind. I believe that real world experiences, even like running a small car wash business with your best friend, hold so much value and offer the opportunity for immense personal growth.

Hayden Reeder- Owner

Hello Anchor Wash Family! Similar to Tate, I recently graduated with the Class of 2019 from Monarch High School and I plan to continue my studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder in the fall. Ever since I had the opportunity to attend an entrepreneurship convention at Yale University I fell in love with the idea of owning and running my own business. After working 3 summers under Gus and Zach, the idea of Tate and I running Anchor wash presented itself and I could not pass up on the opportunity of operating a business with my life-long best friend.